The 10 Ugliest Cars Ever?

Unfortunately there are a lot of ugly cars in the world. Really ugly cars. But instead of ignoring these monstrosities we thought we would take a closer look at the automotive elephant men that they are, out of a kind of sick curiosity.

If we’ve missed a particularly repulsive vehicle from this list, please let us know. If we get enough suggestions we will even turn it into a blog, so feel free to comment, disagree, jeer and get involved. So here we are – brace yourselves…

1) Porsche Cayenne

porsche cayenneThe Porsche Cayenne was described by Jeremy Clarkson as looking like ‘A 911 that’s reversed into a shed’. And it’s hard to argue with Clarkson on this one, as this hideous crossbreed of sports car and 4×4 really ain’t pretty. (Photo from Andy_BB)

2) Nissan Micra C+C

nissan micraThis chubby little hatchback looks no better for the C+C removable roof version, which looks a bit like an inflated Ford Fiesta that’s been in a chop shop. (Photo by

3) Lada (any)

ladaThis is a car that has infested Russia and much of Eastern Europe, but thankfully this plague was stopped before it was rife in the UK. This old Russian motor may be a workhorse but boy is it butt-ugly. (Photo from Fraser Jones)

4) Ford Ka

ford kaIt may have sold millions, but from its cheap plastic bumper to its fat ass, this is a profoundly unattractive car. (Photo from

5) Chrysler PT Cruiser

chrysler ptChrysler tried to bring back 1930s design flair with the PT Cruiser. Unfortunately it just looks like an ironing board with a conservatory stuck on top. (Photo from

6) Hummer

hum vHummer: the ludicrous, rolling fortress of the insecure middle aged man. (Photo from

7) Fiat Multipla

fiat multiplaLooking more like a bug-eyed sci-fi alien than a car, this people carrier just doesn’t look good to people. (Photo from

8) Skoda Estelle

skoda estelleWith a sweet name like Estelle, you might imagine an elegant, classy motor car. Obviously not. (Photo from sludgegulper)

9) Smart fortwo

smart carIt may be smart, but it certainly isn’t pretty. (Photo from

10) Bentley Continental

bentley continentalOne of the most expensive ways to prove that you can’t buy taste. (Photo from

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