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Custom Car Mats – A Buying Guide


Ready to Buy Your Tailored Car Mats – What are the options?

Thinking about custom car mats? If you have a car you are proud of but wish to give it an easy upgrade in terms of comfort and appearance, garage owners will tell you one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to make this happen is with a new set of car floor mats. Over time, these show signs of age and wear and can make an otherwise great looking car seem rather old and tired. Whether for function, style or originality, personalising the interior of your car is not easily achieved with store bought products. Your Car Parts allows you to choose the correct set of mats for your car – perfect fit and complete with fixings – and personally specify your custom car mats to suit your own vehicle interior.  You can even add personal text and logos!

Our custom car mats buyers checklist

Firstly, you have a range of options to search for your car. You can click on the easily identifiable images of manufacturer badges and then continue using the provided pictures to find your model. Alternatively you can search using your license plate, or a series of drop down options of manufacturer, model and year.

Please note that when entering your licence plate number the image shown of the car mats pattern is a generic image.  If you would like to see the actual pattern of the car mats – please navigate the site using manufacturers logos on our car mats page.

Once you have selected the correct set of mats for your vehicle, you can begin customising your mats by choosing your car mat carpet quality.  We offer four choices of carpet quality, PLUS the option of industrial rubber.  Whether you are a restoring classic car, buying mats for your sports car, are buying mats for a lease car,  or in need of something more robust for your work van – we have the option to suit.  The colours and prices are clearly visible for each mat type.

One of the most common questions that we are asked is about the carpet quality – so let’s take a look at these categories more closely.

Firstly, let’s look at the carpet weights.  In simple terms this is like the thread count that you see on bed linked and sheets.  The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the bed sheet!.  In the same way the higher the weight of the carpet – the hight the quality of the carpet.  Higher quality carpet has more stitches per square cm, or uses better quality, heavier material – making it more durable.

The Standard 650g Car Mat

Custom Car MatsThe Standard 650g mat, is a budget ‘loop-weave pile’.  Essentially this means that the carpet is made of thousands of tiny loops and has a rough feel to the touch – a little like a scouring pad.  This is a short pile, robust, rubber-backed, fire retardant, automotive carpet.  All standard quality mats come with a re-enforced heel pad for extra durability.  In summary:

– Short Pile, Loop Weave
– Rough Touch, More Difficult to Clean
– Come With a Heel Pad / Fixing Clips
– Available in Five Colours
– Fully Customisable Product
– Manufactured to Order in the UK (3 Days)

The Premium 800g Car Mat

Custom Car Mats Premium 800gThe Premium 800g mat is another short pile carpet.  In contrast to the Standard Quality this is a ‘straight-cut pile’ – which means that the carpet is soft to the touch, and is easy to keep clean, as the dust and debris does not get snagged in the same way as it does in loop-weave. The mats also feature a heel-pad.
In summary:

– Short ‘Straight Cut” Pile
– Soft Touch and Easy to Clear
– Come with a Heel Pad / Fixing Clips
– Available in Three Colours
– Fully Customisable Product
– Manufactured to Order in the UK (3 Days)

The Ultimate 980g Car Mat

Custom Car Mats Ultimate 980gThe Ultimate Carpet is our best value range in terms of pounds spent per weight of carpet and is our Best Selling Range of Carpet.  The Ultimate range of mats are a short pile soft touch velour.  The carpet is very dense and are not available with a heel pad. The mats carry a 2 year warranty.  In Summary:

– Short ‘Straight Cut” Pile
– Soft Touch and Easy to Clear
– No Heel Pad (carpet too thick)
– Available in Five Colours
– Fully Customisable Product
– Manufactured to Order in the UK (3 Days)

The Platinum Car Mat

Custom Car Mats PlatinumLooking for something deep pile and luxurious? Our Platinum Mats offer the ultimate in luxury car carpet.  This  is our top of the range luxury car mat. With a substantial weight of 4070g, the twisted, thick pile make this an extremely hard wearing and luxurious product. The twisted fibres give the mats a  springy texture and makes dirt easy to remove.   In Summary:

– Luxury Deep Twist Pile
– Easy to Clean
– No Heel Pad (carpet too thick)
– Available in Four Colours
– Fully Customisable Product
– Manufactured to Order in the UK (3 Days)


Custom car mats – finishing touches

Once you have decided on the mat quality, and the range of colour options offered in each mat type, you can now continue tailoring the product. There are a variety of trim colours and materials to choose from. We offer leather or your mat can be trimmed in a block colour or contrasting stripped cloth.

Finally, you can add a logo. The logo positioning on the mat can be decided by you and you can choose from our pre designed selection or create your own. We offer a choice of colour and font options to make it truly original.

We endeavour to provide as much variety as possible, so you can make your own unique and personalised mats, which match your budget, car and personality.

A visual summary of Carpet Weights

Carpet Weights Explained

YourCarparts - Best Design For Your Car Mats

A Great Way To Personalize Your Car With Decorative Car Mats

YourCarparts - Best Design For Your Car Mats

The design and style incorporated in a certain thing may they be car accessories and stuff, your clothes, etc, play a big role in the total look and impact of the product. At the present time, one may observe that cars these days have already become a subject for people’s creativity. You may see different cars of various brands that pass by you with different colors and designs. A lot of people think that a car owner can only customize only the car’s exterior. That’s not, one can also personalize what is seen in the car’s interior which includes the car mats.


Have you observed that there are already different mats that are used in cars? Yes, there are. Decorative car mats are already available in many shops today including the online shops. If you are looking for the latest designs for your car mats, visiting the most trusted online shops would be a great deal. If you are a busy individual who no longer wants to visit a store personally just to procure stuff for your car maintenance like the mats, you can easily browse an online shop that offers car parts and other stuff and make an order by just following some easy steps. Although most of the online shops require a credit card as a mode of payment, there are still online shops where you can pay through PayPal and other modes of money transfer. Talking about the many online shops that offer the best and unparalleled car accessories, is one of the biggest, trusted and most-visited online shops today.

YourCarParts - Best Car Mats Design

Why do you have to customize your car mats? Car mats play a big role in maintaining the quality of your car flooring. They protect your car from dust, dirt and other materials that may bring damage to your car’s surface. Also, the mats that you use in your car add a distinct aura of the car. When you get your mats customized and incorporate your preferences and kind of fashion to it, you will feel like you own the most unique and most stylish car in the world.


When customizing you car mats, you should also not forget to consider the quality of the mat. The style and quality of the mat should always come in pair. While the mats are very appealing to the eyes of your passengers, the mats should also give comfort to you and to them as well.


Nowadays, cars no longer compete when it comes to their brands. The competition now is focused on how creative the car owner is. It is a matter of how stylish and fashionable the car looks to the eyes of the people whom the car passes by as it travels around many places. You just need to consider to not settle for less. If you can customize the stuff in your car and be mindful of the quality of the stuff, then go for it. After all, it is your car and it’s like a second home to you.


YourCarParts - Where To Buy Plastic Car Mats

Looking For Car Mats

YourCarParts - Where To Buy Plastic Car Mats

Most of us, when it comes to things we own, we treat personal possessions with care and add value to them and cars are no exception to that. We look after our cars and give it proper maintenance. We search for the best materials that can preserve the beauty of our “babies.”


Cleaning cars should not be a problem although most of the times the inside of it is what presents the headache. Especially when it rains, the floor gets all muddy and messy; it’s sometimes not even sane.


Car mats are primarily one of the things that keep our cars tidy and in shape. They come in two materials which are plastic/rubber and carpeted but you should want to purchase the plastic car mat than the latter. This is because plastic car mats provide better service and have higher safety element and health benefit. Strange isn’t it?


Plastic floor mats are water resistance and easier to clean, They stick better onto the surface of your car’s floor which reduces the risk of slipping and supports the joints that would usually be impacted by a hard surface.


Well, these mats can easily be found just about around the corner as I’ve noticed that automobile shops are sweeping the place because of the growing population of people with cars. Besides all these, plastic mats are more durable and are reasonably inexpensive. The problem now was where to buy quality car mats.

YourCarParts - Where To Buy Plastic Car Mats


Customized for various reasons, cars individually have its own characteristic and style that distinctly differs them from each other so we can’t just randomly pick out car mats of our choice without first considering the car.


In a search for the perfect mat,, to say the least, would be a proper recommendation. Other than the fact that they save you time from a trip to a store to browse through catalogues, they have large choices of car supplies available providing you a library of mats for each kind of car model from Alfa Romeo to Daewoo to Lamborghini all the way to Volkswagen. The company also customizes your product to fit your need and your car. From there, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!


They also made it easy for customers to find the right type since they the products are categorized based on the manufacturer, car model and car year. All you have to do is log in the specifics in the search box and you’re good to go. Plus, they accept quick payment methods so it’s just clicking buttons like buying stuff on Ebay but more assured.


Buying plastic floor mats for your car will give you less time for cleaning and you don’t have to put so much effort in tidying up. Floor mats also give you more reasons to decorate and beautify your car.


They’ll you give you what you need how you want it at an affordable price, too! Take my word for it. You’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth at YourCarParts.

YourCarParts - Tips On How To Personalize Your Floor Car Mats

Tips On How To Personalize Your Floor Car Mats

YourCarParts - Tips On How To Personalize Your Floor Car Mats

There are many individuals who are fond of personalizing their stuff. That is why one may observe that a lot of things these days represent the personality of an individual. Cars, for instance, are objects that can be personalized according to how an owner wants it. Not only do they want to represent their personality by the appearance of their car but they also want to look extraordinary among the other cars around them. With that being said, one may see a lot of personalized cars today that make use of personalized car accessories like wheels, car paint, car mats, etc.


One of the parts of the car that car owners want to personalize is the car mats. The car mats might not be directly seen when people ride in the car, but when people notice that you have a great design and quality of mat then they may conclude that your car is not an ordinary one. That is why, a lot of car owners order personalized floor car mats from online shops like YourCarParts. Usually, the best of these personalized mats can be bought in online shops. Online shops are capable of personalizing your car mats depending on the style and design that you want to achieve. You just have to provide the design and it will be delivered to you.


There are many designs that you can use in your car mats. I am sure that the designs will vary depending on the car owner’s gender and preferences. That is why, I will be sharing to you the most common designs of mats that men and women car owners want to achieve.

YourCarparts - Tips On How To Personalize Your Floor Car Mats

Women Car Owners


  • A lot of women want to have animal prints on their mat. These animal prints signify luxury. Women want to achieve the look of the mat just like of their bags and coats. If you are the type who loves leopard skin accessories, then it will not be a problem for you to look for mats that will meet your standards. You can also have a mat that look like a fuzzy bear skin rugs that will give you the feeling of indulgence as you have a ride along the countryside


  • Women undeniably love jewels. That is why there are mats that are embellished with stone facsimiles of turquoise, ruby and diamonds that will surely give a royalty and flashy look to car interior.


  • The touch of silver and gold also gives delight to women car owners. Silver and gold mats give your car interior an extremely elegant look.


Men Car Owners

  • As we all know men love to play different sports. That is why, a mat that is personalized with your favorite sports team is a great idea. You can personalize your mat with your favorite team’s logos.


  • If you are a rock and band lover, you can have you favorite rock group logo and favorite band instrument be embroidered in your mats.


  • If you love drinking beer, you can have mats in your car that shows your favorite brands of beer.


  •  As we all know men love to play different sports. That is why, a mat that is personalized with your favorite sports team is a great idea. You can personalize your mat with your favorite team’s logos.


  • If you are a rock and band lover, you can have you favorite rock group logo and favorite band instrument be embroidered in your mats.


  • If you love drinking beer, you can have mats in your car that shows your favorite brands of beer.


Lastly, you can use your car mats to signify your career. You can associate the symbols of your profession like police badge, stethoscope, etc to the design of your mats for you to be identified if you are a policeman, doctor, etc.

Car Mats Online

YourCarParts - Purchasing Car Mats Online

  Searching for the best bargains is what we’re always after, especially for things that we need. Usually, people consider car parts or supplies not that important. But the world has grown to consider cars as a necessity and so things relating to that – like materials for maintenance should also become a necessity.


One of the things car owners constantly neglect, or maybe not depending on how you see it, are car mats. Some cars may be provided with them and some may be not but car mats are not just interior accessories of cars. They provide your car’s floor protection from dirt and certain things that may wear it, as well as keep it tidy and nice. Car mats, besides keep dirt from staining your car, make it easier to remove the mess. It also adds to the decor of the vehicle so it doesn’t only serve that tedious purpose for your car.


These floor mats may come in two different materials such as carpet and rubber, both having their own bonuses. Carpeted ones have more variety in its designs and are more preferable in any weather condition, but rubberized mats are more durable and heavy duty compared to the previous. Although, both kinds can come in different styles, they still make it snug and fit in your car perfectly.


Normally, we would look for car trimmings at our local auto shops where they are widely made available however what we do not know is that we get better deals online since we can evaluate products easily with only just your fingertip. Online shopping has become a fad in today’s world even for things like car mats. Although there are some scams you just can’t get rid of, more advantages compensate for the disadvantages you can come up with from purchasing online.


Online stores are always within your reach 24/7 and are accessible wherever you are for as long as you’ve got the internet. Information and selection are also easier and more convenient with online shops than having to visit every possible store that offers the product just so you can compare the products and its prices. Other than that, online items are, more often than not, cheaper and discounted making it an appealing investment.


Getting back to the topic, there are actually a lot of sites to choose from in deciding the right shop for your car mats. To get the finest products under a reliable site, visiting is where you can get that and YourCarParts personalized car mats. They give you variation on the products you look for under a secured transaction process. If their options don’t seem to catch your fancy, the online shop allows you to customize the product for your liking. It is where you can find convenience from your shopping experience since YourCarParts makes it easier for you from the moment you log in to the moment you wait for the delivery of your good. They also assist you in making your options the best choice.

Car Mats for Every Weather Now Available



YourCarParts - Car Mats for Every Weather

To those people who own a car, they might consider the automobile as their second home – a home where people stay when they head to work, a home which serves as their company when they need to visit various places and a home where people could spend momentous times with their family and friends. Just like a home, the car is used in various weathers. The car runs when the sun is up and when the rain pours it still serves its function. On that note, one of the automobile things that is very useful to all car owners during all types of weathers is car Mats.


At the present time, weather car mats are already available in many shops since many individuals are looking for these mats because these car mats are very useful in their day-to-day travel. During this time, there are already various customized mats that can be bought in many shops including in online shops. As a justification for this, an article entitled, “The Right Fit: Tailored Car Mats for VW” talked about the different mats that can be used for a Volkswagen.


Among the many mats that are available in different shops today, why would you choose to procure car mats than can withstand all forms of weather? Basically, aside from the fact that these mats can be used rain or shine, these mats can also protect your other car stuff from being damaged. These mats protect the front floors of your car including the rear chair. Once the mats are placed inside your car, the mats will stick in their place and will not move.


In buying mats, it is also very important to consider what type of weather you travel most of the time. With that being said, you can decide and choose among the many varieties of car mats that are available in many shops today. You can choose from these mats like the heavy duty maps which are made from rubber. These mats can be used in different types of weather. Its sustainability

YourCarParts - Car Mats for Every Weather

has already been tested by many car owners as well. It can indeed withstand all forms of weather. Another mat is made of vinyl pads which is great for all weathers. These pads usually have spiked surface and are extremely firm which make them good for the dry and wet seasons.


Although buying car mats would entail another expense to car owners, they should remember that these mats exist because they protect some parts of your car. Also, these mats maintain the quality of your car for longer periods of time.


When you are already planning to buy mats for your car, you don’t need to worry anymore since a lot of shops already offer these products. Online shops now offer mats that are of high quality and you can be certain that you have the maximum defense while driving. You can select the designs and colors of the mats that you like depending on your volition. You can match the colors and designs of your mats to the color and design of your car.


Although buying mats for their cars is expensive for some, a lot of people still spend an amount for this since they want to sustain the quality of their car. Aside from the fact that these mats would add beauty to their second home, purchasing car mats for your car is risk worth taking.