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Buying Car Mats – What are the Options?

Buying Car Mats – What are The Options?

As a car owner it is always a good idea to protect the interior carpets of your car with a set of car mats.  This will ensure that the interior carpets are kept pristine, helping you to maintain the value of the car.  It’s also the cheapest way to enhance the look of your car interior.  So, when looking for new set of car mats, what are the options?

Universal Car Mats – these are a universal, one shape fits all set of car mats.

Cheap – A set of 4 mats is available from £8.99
Availability – This type of mat can be purchased form hight street stores and markets.
Black Only – no customisation options / colour choices
Not Perfect Fit – will not fit the contours of your car as they are a universal shape.

No Fixings – these mats are not designed specifically for your car and do not have the fixing clips to keep the mats secure.  This is a very important point to consider!   Car mats that are not secured have a tendency to move and can ride up between the pedals and interfere with the braking and controls of the car.  This is very dangerous.   All modern cars have fixing clips in at least the drivers mat to keep the mat secure.  It is advisable to buy car mats manufactured specifically for you car.

Tailor Made Car Mats / Vehicle Specific Car Mats – these are designed by the Car Manufacturer to perfectly fit the contours of your car floor and remain securely in place, using the manufacturers fixing system.

Until recently,  this type of product has only been available from Main Car Dealers.  Main dealer mats have traditionally been very expensive and can also take many weeks to arrive.    Shockingly – most new cars are no longer supplied with car mats!

We now manufacture exact copies of theses main dealer mats, as an after market product, at a fraction  of the price of main dealer mats!  Each set of car mats is manufactured to order and we are able to provide a unique level of personalisation as a part of this manufacturing process:

– Choose from four qualities of carpet or rubber
– Choose from a range of contrasting cloth and leatherette edges
– Choose to add Personal Text
– Add a Logo from our selection or provide your own logo
– Add a Club Patch

Perfect Fit –  the mats are designed specifically for your car and fit its contours perfectly
Fixing Clips – the mats come with fixing clips specially for your car, ensuring that the mats remain securely in position.
Customisation – the mats that we manufacture can be customised to order.
Rapid Delivery – car mats are manufactured and shipped within 3 days.

So, in a nut shell.  Tailored Car Mats are by far the best option for your car.   These mats are available from our web site, Manufactured in the UK to the exact specifications of the original main dealer mats – but at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, our car mats are fully customisable.  We offer the widest range of carpet colours and contrasting trim options in the UK.

We also offer the ability to add custom text, company logos or official ‘sew-on’ club patches to your mats.

For classic car restorations, exotic cars, kit cars, motor homes and vans, we also offer bespoke manufacturing service.  We can make any car mats or interior liner by working to your paper template.

9 Epic Fails- Yes, I’m a Mechanic

  1. Brakes,
    9 Epic Fails


  1. Rain? No problem.
    9 Epic Fails


  1. It’s so I can take naps in the back.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Doctor said to work on my back posture.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Yeah, looks like it’s a tyre problem.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Had to work on the a/c.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Just put it in the boot!

9 Epic Fails

  1. Yes, it’s a Mercedes.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Check out my new chrome rims.

9 Epic Fails

Do you have any other epic mechanic fails to share with us? Send them on in! Your Car Parts.

Ludicrous Speedbumps and a Fix For That “Ticking Sound”

Welcome to November’s round up from Your Car Parts, full of how tos and news from the world of four wheels. This month: Discover what’s making that infuriating ticking sound under your bonnet, identify the perfect point to invest in a new motor, learn how to find yourself a top quality used car and watch a bunch of 4x4s try to tackle the most ridiculous speedbumps ever…

What’s Ticking Under Your Bonnet?


If you’ve been hearing a ticking sound coming from under your hood, there are a number of things you can tinker with under the bonnet that could be a quick fix. If the ticking persists, however, it’s probably time to bite the bullet and go see a proper mechanic.

However, before you do that, it’s worthwhile exploring a few of the options outlined by Popular Mechanics’s excellent online car clinic. From your valvetrain to your filter, there are lots of potentially painless fixes you can try if you know your way around your engine. Any other funny little issues? The Popular Mechanics site is your go to for solutions, thanks guys!

Out With the Old, In With the New: The Right Time to Buy


We know its hard. You’ve been rumbling around in your current motor for years. It may need a little more TLC these days, but you’ve been through a lot of life together; it’s been your loyal companion on the daily commute and your dedicated sidekick on exciting adventures – but now it’s costing you more than it’s really worth…

So how do you know when it’s curtains and when to splash out on a new vehicle? Well, that’s what this post from the website is here to help you with. From financial considerations to your commuting requirements, read up and make the right decision!

Meet: The Worst Speedbumps Ever?

If you live in a residential area, chances are you’ve got your own frustrations with speedbumps. Imagine, however, living on the same street as this ridiculous display of traffic calming measures gone mad. Even 4x4s are struggling to make it over this stretch of 5 great big bumps. Could your suspension take this kind of punishment? Thanks to Car Humour for this particular day brightener (bookmark them for even more car-related chuckles)!

How to Buy a Good Second Hand Car


You’ll find advice and guides all over the web written to help you find yourself the perfect pre-owned motor. If you’re really serious about studying up, we’d strongly recommend checking out Citizens Advice’s resources .

Unbiased and not-for-profit, this page provides links to all of the information and help you need to pick up a quality second hand car. From essential checklists (Check it, don’t regret it) to how to buy a car at auction – everything you need to buy smart is right here. Good stuff!

Do you have any top second hand car buying tips of your own? Have you found a fix for that ticking under your bonnet? What are the worst traffic calming measures you’ve seen on your travels recently? Share your top tips and experiences with our readers below.

Sneaky dealers, tired tyres and 3D printed cars

Welcome to our latest automotive round up, full of news, reviews and how tos. Just think of this as your monthly “car-based happy place”. We distil all of the best stuff on four wheels each month and serve it up right here for your vehicular enjoyment. This October: discover the 10 sneaky tricks less-than-scrupulous car dealers can play (and how to avoid them), watch a Land Rover get a makeover and meet the world’s very first 3D printed car.

10 Sneaky Car Dealer Tricks (& How to Avoid Them)

Sneaky dealers, tired tyres and 3D printed cars

Your stereotypical picture of a car dealer probably isn’t altogether flattering. Wheeling, dealing and sweating profusely in a cheap polyester suit are probably a few of the first mental images which come to mind…

Of course, the stereotype is unfair and untrue. Yes, there are bad apples, but which profession doesn’t have its share of rotten sorts? If you are wary of dodgy dealers, however, you might want to sneak a peek at Car & Driver‘s excellent blog on the subject of car dealer naughtiness.

This post details 10 of the more shady activities which could be going on in a forecourt near you. Chances are your local dealership is well above board, but, like they say: knowledge is power!

Have you ever fallen victim to one of these 10 tricks? Have you been ripped off in a different way? Share your stories and advice with our readers below.

Are Your Tyres Tired Out?

It’s a common problem; we drive around on them all day, all week, all month. No matter how well we care for our cars, tread depth is just one of those things which can really sneak up on you. This helpful blog from Acklam Car Centre will set you straight and get you back to full road-readiness in no time, with 4 handy pointers which will help you to tell whether or not it’s time for some new tyres.

How To: Paint Your Own Land Rover

Sneaky dealers, tired tyres and 3D printed cars

Motor looking a little scruffy? Perhaps it’s time for you to get hands on some touch up paint and perform a snazzy DIY paint job? DIY touch ups and even full paint jobs can save you a packet (if you know what you’re doing). Check out FunRover for an inspiring blog about repainting a rusty old Land Rover and creating a sleek-looking beast to get yourself in the right frame of mind…

Meet the World’s First 3D Printed Car

3D printers are everywhere these days, and printing everything from chairs to lungs. In September, however, the first ever 3D printed electric car make it out of science fiction and into reality.

Printed from the ground up in just one piece, this incredible creation took just 44 hours to complete – not including the many years spent designing the brand new Strati from Local Motors. Read all about at The Epoch Times.

Would you consider giving your motor a lick of DIY paint? When did you last check your tyres? Do you have any car dealer horror stories of your own to share? Tell our readers all about it below.

April’s Car Part Round Up: Recalls & Rouges

It’s been a busy month in the world of car parts. From ball bearing price fixing scandals to Toyota’s recall of 6.5 million vehicles thanks to faulty steering wheels and seats, we take a look at what’s going on under the bonnet of the automotive industry…

Toyota Recalls 6.5 Million Vehicles

This month car manufacturing giant Toyota recalled 6.5 million vehicles from across their range due to faulty car parts. Steering wheels and seats were just two of the parts said to be affected by faults. This new spate of recalls takes the total number of recalled Toyotas up to more than 20 million since 2012.

The problem, according to automotive industry commentators like the Guardian’s Jennifer Rankin, is that car manufacturers are now using identical car parts across their ranges and models. This latest recall is particularly damaging to Toyota, who have recalled more vehicles than they have sold (18.7 million) in the past two years.

Back in 2009-2010 the company were forced to recall 10 million vehicles in the US after a fault with the accelerator pedal was identified. This fault was blamed on “over-hasty expansion”.


Car Part “Cartels” Fined €1bn for Ball Bearing Price Fixing
If you thought that it was just your petrol prices and your energy bills which were susceptible to price fixing, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. The European Commission (EC) hit big automotive suppliers with almost €1 bn in fines after it was discovered that five manufacturers had conspired to fix the price of ball bearings.

The Swedish company SFK and the German company Schaeffler were two of the ball bearing co-conspirators set to rights with the €953.3 million fine. This move by the EC was a decisive step towards tackling what many industry insiders are calling the “cartelisation of the automotive supply chain”.

In laymen’s terms, this is all about the increasing power of “car part cartels” who are artificially inflating the price of individual car components. Over 70 companies supplying everything from seatbelts and steering wheels to airbags are currently under investigation. It is highly likely that more fines will be handed out over the coming months.

Henry Foy‘s Financial Times article is well worth a read if you want to learn more, while his Twitter feed is always a great source of information from inside the automotive industry.

VIDEO (skip to 5:40)

Thieves Plunder Land Rover Defenders for Spare Parts
Said to be Her Royal Majesty the Queen’s favourite vehicle, the Land Rover Defender is a classic model. Sadly, this lovely old motor is to be discontinued next year. With production winding up in 2015, Land Rover Defender owners have been warned to exercise vigilance as a spate of car part thefts have targeted Defender 4x4s across the UK.

From headlights and badges to bonnets, doors and even seats, car part thieves have been stocking up on Defender parts which are soon to become scarce collectors items. Rural parts of Cambridgeshire and Hampshire have been particularly badly hit. Owners have been advised by police to keep their vehicles in locked garages wherever possible.

Worried? Here’s a helpful booklet on preventing car theft from the Metropolitan Police


Cheeky Rental Car Part Swapper Fined £2000

A man from Widnes who cheekily plundered his rental car for spare parts to fix his own clapped out motor has been fined £2000 and ordered to perform 200 hours of unpaid community service, reports John McDougall of the Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News.

Car part swapper Alex Keating nabbed the brake callipers, gear shift knob and steering wheel from a rented Audi A3, using them to replace his own run-down Audi S3’s car parts. His fiendish crime was spotted by a worker at his local bodyshop who noticed the new parts and reported Keating to the police.

Keen to see why this sly swapper went to all  that bother? Check out the Audi A3 in action under the expert appraisal of Auto Express!

The Top 10 British Car Blogs

E46C91362F2F58CD7AF243B0AE439There are loads of blogs out there about cars and related subjects, and to be honest the vast majority are a waste of cyberspace. Thankfully there are some worthy sites to visit though, with writers who know what they’re talking about; sites that like to publish valuable and entertaining content that will actually appeal to people, and not just fill up some space on a page.

We certainly try to write things that people want to read, and in this post we’d like to salute a number of other automotive blogs that are well worth a visit. So here we go…

1) G Motors

This is a blog that’s dedicated to delivering fresh auto news and reviews and it’s always at the cusp of new discoveries.

2) Car Articles

Car Articles is a site of, well, car articles. It’s another blog that’s great for breaking news and the rants by the site’s writers are equally entertaining and insightful.

2) GreenMotor

Loving cars and being eco-friendly is not necessarily a juxtaposition, as it clear if you visit the excellent

4) Oversteer

The Oversteer blog has some great images and content and it is updated all the time, so a great place to find new stories that might not yet be published elsewhere.

5) The Car Disco

For irreverence, occasional rudeness and a lot of laughs, you should definitely take a look at The Car Disco.

6) Cars.Aol

This is a sleek and attractive car site with gorgeous high res images and some catchy articles on the latest development in the world of cars.

7) MotorMorph

This is a great source of photos (stunning and hilarious), and a fantastic place to read engaging car content – especially for lovers of racing cars.

8) Richard Aucock

Richard is a genuine motor journalist so you can expect relevant, well written copy here, as well as breaking stories and great pictures.

9) On the Side Walls

On the Side Walls is an opinionated and passionately written blog that is not afraid to say what it means.

10) CarBlog is highly informative and focuses on areas from car safety to technology and green motoring.

So there we have it, 10 of the best motor blogs that we could find. Have we missed out any crackers? Please let us know if we have in the comments section or contact us through the main site.


Image from

9 Superstar Cars from the Big and Small Screen

1) Greased Lightning


The film/show: Grease

The vehicle: Ford De Luxe

(Image from

2) Herbie 


The film/show: Herbie the Love Bug

The vehicle: Volkswagen Beetle

(Image from

3) The DeLorian


The film/show: Back To The Future, Back To The Future Part 2, Back To The Future Part 3

The vehicle: DeLorian DMC-12

(Image from

4) The Batmobile (Tumbler)


The film/show: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

The vehicle: Tumbler

5) The Classic 007 Aston Martin


The film/show: Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Casino Royale, Skyfall.

The vehicle: Aston Martin DB5

(Image from



The film/show: Knight Rider

The vehicle: Knight Industries Three Thousand

(Image from

7) The A-Team Van


The film/show: The A-Team

The vehicle: GMC Vandura

(Image from

8) Ecto-1 


The film/show: Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II

The vehicle: Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance

(Image from

9) The Heisenberg Chrysler 


The film/show: Breaking Bad

The vehicle: Chrysler 300 SRT8

(Image from