Sneaky dealers, tired tyres and 3D printed cars

Welcome to our latest automotive round up, full of news, reviews and how tos. Just think of this as your monthly “car-based happy place”. We distil all of the best stuff on four wheels each month and serve it up right here for your vehicular enjoyment. This October: discover the 10 sneaky tricks less-than-scrupulous car dealers can play (and how to avoid them), watch a Land Rover get a makeover and meet the world’s very first 3D printed car.

10 Sneaky Car Dealer Tricks (& How to Avoid Them)

Sneaky dealers, tired tyres and 3D printed cars

Your stereotypical picture of a car dealer probably isn’t altogether flattering. Wheeling, dealing and sweating profusely in a cheap polyester suit are probably a few of the first mental images which come to mind…

Of course, the stereotype is unfair and untrue. Yes, there are bad apples, but which profession doesn’t have its share of rotten sorts? If you are wary of dodgy dealers, however, you might want to sneak a peek at Car & Driver‘s excellent blog on the subject of car dealer naughtiness.

This post details 10 of the more shady activities which could be going on in a forecourt near you. Chances are your local dealership is well above board, but, like they say: knowledge is power!

Have you ever fallen victim to one of these 10 tricks? Have you been ripped off in a different way? Share your stories and advice with our readers below.

Are Your Tyres Tired Out?

It’s a common problem; we drive around on them all day, all week, all month. No matter how well we care for our cars, tread depth is just one of those things which can really sneak up on you. This helpful blog from Acklam Car Centre will set you straight and get you back to full road-readiness in no time, with 4 handy pointers which will help you to tell whether or not it’s time for some new tyres.

How To: Paint Your Own Land Rover

Sneaky dealers, tired tyres and 3D printed cars

Motor looking a little scruffy? Perhaps it’s time for you to get hands on some touch up paint and perform a snazzy DIY paint job? DIY touch ups and even full paint jobs can save you a packet (if you know what you’re doing). Check out FunRover for an inspiring blog about repainting a rusty old Land Rover and creating a sleek-looking beast to get yourself in the right frame of mind…

Meet the World’s First 3D Printed Car

3D printers are everywhere these days, and printing everything from chairs to lungs. In September, however, the first ever 3D printed electric car make it out of science fiction and into reality.

Printed from the ground up in just one piece, this incredible creation took just 44 hours to complete – not including the many years spent designing the brand new Strati from Local Motors. Read all about at The Epoch Times.

Would you consider giving your motor a lick of DIY paint? When did you last check your tyres? Do you have any car dealer horror stories of your own to share? Tell our readers all about it below.

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