Welcome to November’s round up from Your Car Parts, full of how tos and news from the world of four wheels. This month: Discover what’s making that infuriating ticking sound under your bonnet, identify the perfect point to invest in a new motor, learn how to find yourself a top quality used car and watch a bunch of 4x4s try to tackle the most ridiculous speedbumps ever…

What’s Ticking Under Your Bonnet?


If you’ve been hearing a ticking sound coming from under your hood, there are a number of things you can tinker with under the bonnet that could be a quick fix. If the ticking persists, however, it’s probably time to bite the bullet and go see a proper mechanic.

However, before you do that, it’s worthwhile exploring a few of the options outlined by Popular Mechanics’s excellent online car clinic. From your valvetrain to your filter, there are lots of potentially painless fixes you can try if you know your way around your engine. Any other funny little issues? The Popular Mechanics site is your go to for solutions, thanks guys!

Out With the Old, In With the New: The Right Time to Buy


We know its hard. You’ve been rumbling around in your current motor for years. It may need a little more TLC these days, but you’ve been through a lot of life together; it’s been your loyal companion on the daily commute and your dedicated sidekick on exciting adventures – but now it’s costing you more than it’s really worth…

So how do you know when it’s curtains and when to splash out on a new vehicle? Well, that’s what this post from the DMV.org website is here to help you with. From financial considerations to your commuting requirements, read up and make the right decision!

Meet: The Worst Speedbumps Ever?

If you live in a residential area, chances are you’ve got your own frustrations with speedbumps. Imagine, however, living on the same street as this ridiculous display of traffic calming measures gone mad. Even 4x4s are struggling to make it over this stretch of 5 great big bumps. Could your suspension take this kind of punishment? Thanks to Car Humour for this particular day brightener (bookmark them for even more car-related chuckles)!

How to Buy a Good Second Hand Car


You’ll find advice and guides all over the web written to help you find yourself the perfect pre-owned motor. If you’re really serious about studying up, we’d strongly recommend checking out Citizens Advice’s resources .

Unbiased and not-for-profit, this page provides links to all of the information and help you need to pick up a quality second hand car. From essential checklists (Check it, don’t regret it) to how to buy a car at auction – everything you need to buy smart is right here. Good stuff!

Do you have any top second hand car buying tips of your own? Have you found a fix for that ticking under your bonnet? What are the worst traffic calming measures you’ve seen on your travels recently? Share your top tips and experiences with our readers below.