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Mercedes Car Mats

Buying Mercedes Car Mats

As a Mercedes owner you clearly appreciate high quality and great workmanship, that why we think you will love our high quality, custom fit Mercedes car mats.

Buying and customising your Mercedes car mats couldn’t be easier, to show you how simple it is, here is the story of one of our customers who ordered our mats for his Mercedes SL500.

Our customer was a car dealer who sepecialised in luxury and high performance cars. He contacted us to see if we had the mats for a Mecedes SL500, he was directed to our website where he could view the pattern and specification of the mats available. As you can see from the mats pattern specification below you can see that they are cut exactly to fit perfectly in the SL500.

With the customers car being a high spec car he wanted high quality mats to match. He chose our platinum mats, the highest quality mats we offer. All of our mats are manufactured in the UK to automotive industry approved specifications and are all water resistant and fire retardant. Below is an image our platinum quality mats.

The customer also decided to add a custom text logo to his mats, he chose black mats with a silver logo on a black background to match the silver car with a black interior.

All of our Mercedes car mats come with official Mercedes fixing clips to keep your mats firmly secured in your car.

If you want to order some of our Mercedes car mats Click Here to view our full range of Mercedes car mats.

Car Mat Safety Fixing

Car Mat Safety Fixing

All of our car mats come with the official safety clips for your cars make/model.


Creating Bespoke Car Mats

Creating Bespoke Car Mats

We can create bespoke and custom car mats for any type of car or van (we have even made mats for ambulances!). You can also add custom logos or club patches to your bespoke mats.  The mats in the below example were custom made for an AC Cobra. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Create A Template To Send To Us

Create a template of the shape of your mats, simply use brown paper to create a template of the shape of mats you want, just like the image below. Send this to us and we do the rest!


Step 2: Turning your paper template into a CAD drawing

Once we receive your template we will turn it into a CAD (computer aided design) drawing on the computer, this tells our machines exactly what shape to cut the mats. below is an example of the CAD drawing.



Step 3: Manufacture the mats

We now feed the CAD drawing to our CAD machines, they then cut the mats to the required shapes.


Step 4: Adding Logos/Patches

We now add your custom logos/patches to your mats, now they are all done and ready for shipping!



Get In Touch:

If you are interested in creating a set of custom/bespoke mats, Click Here to get in touch.

How To Add A Text Logo

Adding your text logo

Step 1:

Once you have chosen your car mats, scroll down to the logos section an select ‘custom text’.


Step 2:

Choose the background colour for your logo, this is the colour you want your text to sit on.


Step 3:

Choose the position of your logo, this is where on the mat your logo will appear.


Step 4:

Choose your logo text, font, text colour, font size and border.


Step 5:

All done! Scroll down, check your order and click ‘Add To Cart’.

Car Mats Gallery


Platinum Car Mats

Ultimate Car Mats

Premium Car Mats

Budget Car Mats

Rubber Car Mats

Buying Car Mats – What are the Options?

Buying Car Mats – What are The Options?

As a car owner it is always a good idea to protect the interior carpets of your car with a set of car mats. ¬†This will ensure that the interior carpets are kept pristine, helping you to maintain the value of the car. ¬†It’s also the cheapest way to enhance the look of your car interior. ¬†So, when looking for new set of car mats, what are the options?

Universal Car Mats – these are a universal, one shape fits all set of car mats.

Cheap РA set of 4 mats is available from £8.99
Availability – This type of mat can be purchased form hight street stores and markets.
Black Only – no customisation options / colour choices
Not Perfect Fit – will not fit the contours of your car as they are a universal shape.

No Fixings Рthese mats are not designed specifically for your car and do not have the fixing clips to keep the mats secure.  This is a very important point to consider!   Car mats that are not secured have a tendency to move and can ride up between the pedals and interfere with the braking and controls of the car.  This is very dangerous.   All modern cars have fixing clips in at least the drivers mat to keep the mat secure.  It is advisable to buy car mats manufactured specifically for you car.

Tailor Made Car Mats / Vehicle Specific Car Mats – these are designed by the Car Manufacturer to perfectly fit the contours of your car floor and remain securely in place, using the manufacturers fixing system.

Until recently,  this type of product has only been available from Main Car Dealers.  Main dealer mats have traditionally been very expensive and can also take many weeks to arrive.    Shockingly Рmost new cars are no longer supplied with car mats!

We now manufacture exact copies of theses main dealer mats, as an after market product, at a fraction  of the price of main dealer mats!  Each set of car mats is manufactured to order and we are able to provide a unique level of personalisation as a part of this manufacturing process:

– Choose from four qualities of carpet or rubber
– Choose from a range of contrasting cloth and leatherette edges
– Choose to add Personal Text
– Add a Logo from our selection or provide your own logo
– Add a Club Patch

Perfect Fit –¬†¬†the mats are designed specifically for your car and fit its contours perfectly
Fixing Clips –¬†the mats come with fixing clips specially for your car, ensuring that the mats remain securely in position.
Customisation – the mats that we manufacture can be customised to order.
Rapid Delivery – car mats are manufactured and shipped within 3 days.

So, in a nut shell.  Tailored Car Mats are by far the best option for your car.   These mats are available from our web site, Manufactured in the UK to the exact specifications of the original main dealer mats Рbut at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, our car mats are fully customisable.  We offer the widest range of carpet colours and contrasting trim options in the UK.

We also offer the ability to add custom text, company logos or official ‘sew-on’ club patches to your mats.

For classic car restorations, exotic cars, kit cars, motor homes and vans, we also offer bespoke manufacturing service.  We can make any car mats or interior liner by working to your paper template.

Carpet Weights Explained

Custom Car Mats – A Buying Guide


Ready to Buy Your Tailored Car Mats – What are the options?

Thinking about custom car mats? If you have a car you are proud of but wish to give it an easy upgrade in terms of comfort and appearance, garage owners will tell you one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to make this happen is with a new set of car floor mats. Over time, these show signs of age and wear and can make an otherwise great looking car seem rather old and tired. Whether for function, style or originality, personalising the interior of your car is not easily achieved with store bought products. Your Car Parts allows you to choose the correct set of mats for your car Рperfect fit and complete with fixings Рand personally specify your custom car mats to suit your own vehicle interior.  You can even add personal text and logos!

Our custom car mats buyers checklist

Firstly, you have a range of options to search for your car. You can click on the easily identifiable images of manufacturer badges and then continue using the provided pictures to find your model. Alternatively you can search using your license plate, or a series of drop down options of manufacturer, model and year.

Please note that when entering your licence plate number the image shown of the car mats pattern is a generic image.  If you would like to see the actual pattern of the car mats Рplease navigate the site using manufacturers logos on our car mats page.

Once you have selected the correct set of mats for your vehicle, you can begin customising your mats by choosing your car mat carpet quality.  We offer four choices of carpet quality, PLUS the option of industrial rubber.  Whether you are a restoring classic car, buying mats for your sports car, are buying mats for a lease car,  or in need of something more robust for your work van Рwe have the option to suit.  The colours and prices are clearly visible for each mat type.

One of the most common questions that we are asked is about the carpet quality – so let’s take a look at these categories more closely.

Firstly, let’s look at the carpet weights. ¬†In simple terms this is like the thread count that you see on bed linked and sheets. ¬†The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the bed sheet!. ¬†In the same way the higher the weight of the carpet – the hight the quality of the carpet. ¬†Higher quality carpet has more stitches per square cm, or uses better quality, heavier material – making it more durable.

The Standard 650g Car Mat

Custom Car MatsThe Standard 650g mat, is a budget ‘loop-weave pile’. ¬†Essentially this means that the carpet is made of thousands of tiny loops and has a rough feel to the touch – a little like a scouring pad. ¬†This is a short pile, robust, rubber-backed, fire retardant, automotive carpet. ¬†All standard quality mats come with a re-enforced heel pad for extra durability. ¬†In summary:

– Short Pile, Loop Weave
– Rough Touch, More Difficult to Clean
– Come With a Heel Pad / Fixing Clips
– Available in Five Colours
– Fully Customisable Product
– Manufactured to Order in the UK (3 Days)

The Premium 800g Car Mat

Custom Car Mats Premium 800gThe Premium 800g mat is another short pile carpet. ¬†In contrast to the Standard Quality this is a ‘straight-cut pile’ – which means that the carpet is soft to the touch, and is easy to keep clean, as the dust and debris does not get snagged in the same way as it does in loop-weave. The mats also feature a heel-pad.
In summary:

– Short ‘Straight Cut” Pile
– Soft Touch and Easy to Clear
– Come with a Heel Pad / Fixing Clips
– Available in Three Colours
– Fully Customisable Product
РManufactured to Order in the UK (3 Days)

The Ultimate 980g Car Mat

Custom Car Mats Ultimate 980gThe Ultimate Carpet is our best value range in terms of pounds spent per weight of carpet and is our Best Selling Range of Carpet.  The Ultimate range of mats are a short pile soft touch velour.  The carpet is very dense and are not available with a heel pad. The mats carry a 2 year warranty.  In Summary:

– Short ‘Straight Cut” Pile
– Soft Touch and Easy to Clear
– No Heel Pad (carpet too thick)
– Available in Five Colours
– Fully Customisable Product
РManufactured to Order in the UK (3 Days)

The Platinum Car Mat

Custom Car Mats PlatinumLooking for something deep pile and luxurious? Our Platinum Mats offer the ultimate in luxury car carpet.  This  is our top of the range luxury car mat. With a substantial weight of 4070g, the twisted, thick pile make this an extremely hard wearing and luxurious product. The twisted fibres give the mats a  springy texture and makes dirt easy to remove.   In Summary:

– Luxury Deep Twist Pile
– Easy to Clean
– No Heel Pad (carpet too thick)
– Available in Four Colours
– Fully Customisable Product
РManufactured to Order in the UK (3 Days)


Custom car mats – finishing touches

Once you have decided on the mat quality, and the range of colour options offered in each mat type, you can now continue tailoring the product. There are a variety of trim colours and materials to choose from. We offer leather or your mat can be trimmed in a block colour or contrasting stripped cloth.

Finally, you can add a logo. The logo positioning on the mat can be decided by you and you can choose from our pre designed selection or create your own. We offer a choice of colour and font options to make it truly original.

We endeavour to provide as much variety as possible, so you can make your own unique and personalised mats, which match your budget, car and personality.

A visual summary of Carpet Weights

Carpet Weights Explained

9 Epic Fails- Yes, I’m a Mechanic

  1. Brakes,
    9 Epic Fails


  1. Rain? No problem.
    9 Epic Fails


  1. It’s so I can take naps in the back.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Doctor said to work on my back posture.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Yeah, looks like it’s a tyre problem.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Had to work on the a/c.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Just put it in the boot!

9 Epic Fails

  1. Yes, it’s a Mercedes.

9 Epic Fails

  1. Check out my new chrome rims.

9 Epic Fails

Do you have any other epic mechanic fails to share with us? Send them on in! Your Car Parts.

Ludicrous Speedbumps and a Fix For That ‚ÄúTicking Sound‚ÄĚ

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What’s Ticking Under Your Bonnet?


If you’ve been hearing a ticking sound coming from under your hood, there are a number of things you can tinker with under the bonnet that could be a quick fix. If the ticking persists, however, it’s probably time to bite the bullet and go see a proper mechanic.

However, before you do that, it’s worthwhile exploring a few of the options outlined by Popular Mechanics’s excellent online car clinic. From your valvetrain to your filter, there are lots of potentially painless fixes you can try if you know your way around your engine. Any other funny little issues? The Popular Mechanics site is your go to for solutions, thanks guys!

Out With the Old, In With the New: The Right Time to Buy


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How to Buy a Good Second Hand Car


You’ll find advice and guides all over the web written to help you find yourself the perfect pre-owned motor. If you’re really serious about studying up, we’d strongly recommend checking out Citizens Advice’s resources .

Unbiased and not-for-profit, this page provides links to all of the information and help you need to pick up a quality second hand car. From essential checklists (Check it, don’t regret it) to how to buy a car at auction ‚Äď everything you need to buy smart is right here. Good stuff!

Do you have any top second hand car buying tips of your own? Have you found a fix for that ticking under your bonnet? What are the worst traffic calming measures you’ve seen on your travels recently? Share your top tips and experiences with our readers below.