9 Car Repair Fails and 1 DIY Car Win

If your car needs some work doing then why not save your money and do it yourself? Here’s why not…

1) Seamless door replacement

seamless door replacementIt would take a keen eye to spot that this isn’t actually the original driver’s door on this car. Or perhaps not. (Photo from therefixedit.com)

2) Temporary wheel

wheelSave space in your boot by replacing your spare wheel with one from a Tesco shopping trolley. (Photo from giantgag.com)

3) The Rustmobile

wrong sports carMost car owners see rust as a negative, but this guy’s embraced the way his “awesome” vehicle is disintegrating beneath him as it lumbers along the road, blinding passers-by with its hideousness. (Photo from thechive.com)

4) Objects in CD may be closer than they appear

cd mirrorForget fixing that broken mirror with a pricey replacement. Simply grab some masking tape, an elastic band and a Simply Red CD (or another similarly terrible album you don’t mind disposing of) – and hey presto, an ineffective and illegal door mirror. (Photo from Jessa Hokama)

5) I’d tap that

bath tapsThis is either an ingenious way to fill a hot tub in the boot, or a dangerous way to keep the engine cool. Either way, it’s quite ridiculous. (Photo from misfiresblog.gumout.com)

6) Bright spark

torch headlightThis sterling DIY job sees a Toyota headlight replaced by 3 pretty crappy looking torches. Points for originality but nil points for the result. (Photo from imgfave.com)

7) Solid body repairs

body repairHaving been in a bump this Nissan is now as good as new, thanks to just a humble roll of masking tape. (Photo from pinterest.com)

8) Cardboard body kit

body kit Always wanted to put a body kit on your motor? Well it’s cheaper than you think if you use masking tape and old toilet roll boxes. (Photo from importtuner.com)

9) Merc fail

mercThe Mercedes badge has long been a symbol of quality and stunning design. This DIY effort doesn’t quite convey that. (Photo from failblog.org)

10) DIY car drive-thru win

drive thru winFull credit to these enterprising guys who wouldn’t let the lack of a car get in the way of them having the drive-thru experience. Winners! (Photo from Angela Guido)

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