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Snow Chains to Fit Tyre Size 235 45 x 18

Snow Chains to Fit Tyre Size 235 45 x 18
Select the correct tyre size for your car in wheels below to view our available range of Snow Chains and Snow Socks.
Please be sure to check your tyre size, displayed on the side wall of your tyre. Ensure your vehicle has ample clearance between the tire and chassis before installation.
  • Husky Winter Professional 16mm 4WD Snow Chains for 18" Car Wheel Tyres

    Husky professional Snow chains have been specially developed to help drivers in snow conditions. They can be fitted onto most vehicles and the installation is quick and easy.

    Size : Standard

    RSP :   £87.49

    Price :  £69.99

  • Pair Fast Grip Snow Ice Sock Chains 100 235 45 x 18

    Fast Grip Snow Sock, Alternate To Snow Chains - Hi-Tec Fabric Traction & Anti-Skid Assistance.The Fast Grip Snow Sock is designed to be used on snow & ice & is a great alternative to snow chains, Made from a synthetic waterproof fabric, the fastgrip gives a consequent increase in the coefficient of friction between wheel and snow or ice surfaces. As a result the multigrip is effective on snow & ice & gives a much more comfortable ride than traditional snow chains. To add and improve the grip there are studs built into the material

    Size : Standard

    Comments : 235 45 x 18

    RSP :   £90.00

    Price :  £72.00