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Pair of Snow Chains Husky 4WD 16mm Type 245 225 75 x 16

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235 75 x 15
225 75 x 16
215 x 16
235 60 x 17
215 85 x 16
215 80 x 16
215 75 x 16
285 35 x 19
225 70 x 16
235 65 x 16
275 35 x 20
225 65 x 17
235 55 x 18
Husky Car Snow Chains
These are manufactured from a very robust 9mm or 16mm (See Item Title) welded steel link that is zinc treated for performance & to enhance the life of the chain.The chains feature a flexible cable interior combined with an auto-blocking tension system & a double lateral spring for a great fit & safe use.
They can be fitted quickly without the need to move the vehicle.The chains are supplied in a plastic storage box and the pack contains two chains (one axle set).

They are TUV approved & assembled in accordance with ISO 9002.
We think these chains are just amazing value for money but there are a number of different sizes depending on your wheel & tyre size.Please note down these details before ordering.
On your tyre you will find the information we need. It will say something like 225/55 VR16. 225/55 is the tyre size & 16 is the wheel size. Please make sure that this is listed to fit your vehicleLegal requirements for the use of snow chains when travelling abroad.These will fit standard Road tyres.
In the UK we have no legal requirement for vehicles to carry snowchains or any other traction aid during the winter.
So if you plan to visit France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy or any of the Scandinavian countries you should be aware that there are certain areas where snowchains or other traction aids must be carried and without which you may be refused entry.

Comment :  225 75 x 16


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  • Pair of Snow Chains Husky 4WD 16mm Type 245 225 75 x 16

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