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Pair Fast Grip Snow Ice Sock Chains 30 175 65 x 14

Product Description

Fast Grip Snow Sock
Fast Grip Snow Sock, Alternate To Snow Chains - Hi-Tec Fabric Traction & Anti-Skid Assistance.
The Fast Grip Snow Sock is designed to be used on snow & ice & is a great alternative to snow chains, Made from a synthetic waterproof fabric, the fastgrip gives a consequent increase in the coefficient of friction between wheel and snow or ice surfaces. As a result the multigrip is effective on snow & ice & gives a much more comfortable ride than traditional snow chains. To add and improve the grip there are studs built into the material
How Do I Fit The Fast Grip?
The vehicle must be parked with the handbrake on, Place the elastic behind the wheel starting on the upper edge & coming down as much as possible to the lower edge & then move the vehicle back & forward for about a metre. Complete the fitting by placing all elastic behind the wheel & use the handles in order to centre the multigrip. It is not necessary to centre the multigrip perfectly on the tyre as this will automatically self centre when driven about 500 metres, after which you must stop the vehicle & check the fast grip in case the position needs to be adjusted.
Safety Instructions
Carefully fit the fastgrip using the instructions provided.
Do not stand behind the vehicle due to ice & stones flying up from the wheels.
Do not exceed 50 km/h (30mph).
Do not accelerate or stop suddenly.
Turn smoothly & avoid skidding.
Remove the fast grip as soon as possible, when conditions improve.
Maintenance Instructions
It is advisable to dry the fast grip before putting back in the carry bag, and at the end of your season, wash the fast grip with cold water, dry & then return to the carry bag ready for next season.

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Pair Fast Grip Snow Ice Sock Chains 30 175 65 x 14

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