9 Superstar Cars from the Big and Small Screen

1) Greased Lightning The film/show: Grease The vehicle: Ford De Luxe (Image from http://cinemeccanica.wordpress.com/) 2) Herbie  The film/show: Herbie the Love Bug The vehicle: Volkswagen Beetle (Image from http://lindsaycars.wordpress.com/) 3) The DeLorian The film/show: Back To The Future, Back To The Future Part 2, Back To The Future Part 3 The vehicle: DeLorian DMC-12 (Image […]

The 10 Best Car Movies of All Time

A lot of us love fast cars, high speed chases and races against time in beautiful motors. Unfortunately the authorities frown on this kind of behaviour, but that shouldn’t stop us fantasising. The safest way to experience these high speed thrills is on the big screen, so here are our 10 favourite car movies of […]