9 Quality Car Parking Fails

1) Hang on lads, I’ve got a great ideac258ded11440952e8c941869912d330cCourtesy scoop.it

2) No thank you!

642b5c3202aed8ab7b294e53d1edf5afCourtesy gagbay.com

3) How?!

e31129bc26a807a16d1af7f808566431Courtesy Fail Blog


4) Asshole parking

ad7251c50dc0ea21d09ccaaf0fe60f5dCourtesy nowaygirl.com


5) A tight spot (#1)

00eef095fb613bc8ccb1d9df19a8912fCourtesy http://curiousphotos.blogspot.co.uk/

6) A tight spot (#2)



7) Holy shh…62e104a5ebd8272209d6bc3ff7a3f0d6Courtesy¬†carthrottle.com

8) Dampened spirits166cdc8bd60052e41b63bc3580326864Courtesy telegraph.co.uk

9) Snow joke (…sorry)

parking failIf you’ve seen any better car parking or other car related fails, please share them with us here at Your Car Parts.




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